Feb 172010

Personally, I’m pissed! America is going through the most dire straits in my lifetime, and instead of seeking innovative solutions, instead of tackling the difficult decisions required to move us through this crisis, our leaders remain engaged in partisan ping pong.   There’s a part of me that would really like to just string these PIP (People in Power) squeaks up by their feet. I mean, come on, enough is enough! They’re using us. My best interests sure aren’t being served. Are yours? It’s high time we demand those responsible clean this mess up.

So, just who are these folk?

Well of course, the people in power must be the big money folk. I mean, do you really think that technological issues are the reason that internal combustion is still the primary means of powering America? Hell no! We’re talking oil companies and the auto industry. The current economic crisis, healthcare, two multi-billion-dollar wars . . . can you say big banks, big insurance and big military? Ah, this is capitalism at its finest!

But wait a minute; big business shouldn’t take the whole rap. No, there’s plenty of blame to go around. After all, it’s government’s responsibility to “promote the general Welfare.” This is done, in part, through legislation and regulation that done properly should prevent incidents like the recent banking meltdown. The problem is that the very people charged with this responsibility, our elected officials, are far more concerned with their future than yours and mine. They sell their votes to the highest bidder. The buyer might again be big money, but it could also be big labor or big anything else with a large enough voting block.

Make no mistake about it, big money, big government and big labor together form the system that needs to change. They ride the tide of the American consciousness and they work diligently to control and manipulate it. A great national shell game, they keep us involved with an appearance of progress, but all the while control the outcome by ensuring that relations stay in dynamic tension and the status quo is ever-maintained. No meaningful reform can come from this system. As Albert Einstein so eloquently put it, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

So, don’t hold your breath waiting for the people in power to effect any real change. It simply doesn’t serve them.

No, we must turn to the real culprits, the people truly responsible for the lack of progress. We need to stand up, get serious, and . . . I’m sorry folks, take a good look in the mirror, because the guilty are none other than you and me. So long as we put up with a self-serving government, listen to biased media and seek retail therapy to salve our bruised egos, we’ve no one to blame but ourselves. We need real change, and real change can only come from The People.

Together we have the power to take back Our Country and usher in a new age of progress and prosperity. But in order to do so, we need to rise to a new order of consciousness. This new order needs to embrace the notion that we’re all in this together. It needs to understand that people are open to hard solutions, but ONLY after they feel heard. And before anything else, it needs to accept that We the People are the saviors we’ve been waiting for.

“We the People!” It has a great ring. Doesn’t it?

  2 Responses to “New America: Who’s responsible for this damn mess?”

  1. What amazes me more than anything is all the Republicans who were elected to oust the Democrats. Wasn’t it on the the Bush Cheney watch that all this mess came about. Wasn’t it the rich who got richer on the Republican’s watch. Now all the republican Governors are trying to subjugate the working class by their union busting tactics. If this is allowed to happen it will be dejavu all over again. Slavery will again reign.

    • Thomas,
      You’re exactly right, but the problem is that too many Americans suffer from either A.D.D. or terminal gullibility. They all want somebody to blame, but since they listen to people who rely on lies and distortions to pollute the truth, they allow themselves to serve their own demise and help protect the thieves and liars who exploit them.

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