Jun 182010

A measure that had been generally agreed to by both the House and Senate, which would have affirmed the SEC’s authority to allow investors to have proxy access to the corporate decision-making process, was stripped by the Senate in conference committee votes on Wednesday and Thursday. Five sources with knowledge of the situation said the White House pushed for the measure to be stripped at the behest of the Business Roundtable.

Ryan Grim and Shahien Nasiripour, Huffington Post

Let’s see, CEO salaries at more than 300 times average employee pay, and over 30 million Americans out of work . . . what part of “Change We Can Believe In” did I misunderstand? Am I confused on what “Change” is?

Oh damn — maybe Obama meant, like the “change” in our pockets . . . maybe that’s all we really can believe in.

No . . . wait a minute — maybe I was confused on who he meant by “We.” Pleeaaase, say it ain’t so!

He wasn’t just referring to his fellow elite . . . was he? He wouldn’t just support business and his pals on Wall Street . . . would he?

Okay, let’s see: healthcare “reform” that fed 32 million new taxpayer supported patients to the medical insurers and Big Pharma; a Wall Street bailout and still nothing to reform the financial industry; an economic stimulus package that focused mostly on temporarily sustaining consumer spending; an escalation of the war in Afghanistan; the promise of financial “reform” that preserves Too Big To Fail; a call to increase offshore oil drilling; trusting an oil company that was responsible for a disaster to place ethics over profits; and now protecting CEO pay . . .

Oh my God! Obama isn’t a Muslim. He’s not the Antichrist. And he’s certainly not a socialist . . . he’s a freaking Republican!

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