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Speaking in a 2009 interview, Rand Paul voiced concerns that President Obama may become a leader in the mold of Hitler and use his powers to remove civil liberties in the name of security. In the interview that was released by conservative radio show host Alex Jones last week, Paul shares his views on the similarities between the rise of Obama and that of Adolf Hitler.

“I think times of crisis is when we have to worry the most about things. You know, Rahm Emanuel, who’s chief adviser to President Obama, said ‘let no good crisis go past without allowing government to grow, these are our chances for government to grow stronger and for more security at the expense of liberty.’ And it’s happened before. When you have severe crisis, that’s when sometimes strong leaders arise. You had the money destroyed in Germany in 1923 and out of that chaos came Hitler who promised that these awful people were the ones doing this to you and we need to round them up and put them in camps. And the liberties just went out the window. But people actually democratically voted in a Hitler. And I worry about that again in our country. If the money is destroyed in our country, could we get a time where a strong leader comes forward and says ‘we just need security, I’ll make you safe but just give me your liberty.”

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There is some validity in Senator Elect Paul’s notion of similarities and his concern that, given the appropriate situation, an American president could rise to power in much the same manner as Adolf Hitler. But I fear that he may not be well informed on Hitler’s rise and is likely looking at the wrong period in our history.

The fact is that Hitler came to power in Germany without winning the majority vote. He was not elected to office but was rather appointed to be Chancellor of Germany.

Shortly after taking control, he used an incident where the German parliament building was set ablaze, allegedly by a Dutch communist, to declare a “war on terrorism.” Within two weeks of the terrorist attack, a prison for terrorists was constructed; within another 2 weeks he pushed through legislation that, in the name of fighting terror, suspended constitutional guarantees of free speech, privacy and habeas corpus, and allowed police to access personal mail, wiretap phones, and imprison suspected terrorists without warrants or access to legal representation.

With public fear effectively stoked, Hitler then focused on a debt-financed military buildup that nearly sent the German economy into bankruptcy. He continued his buildup against stringent opposition but gained increased power by consistently casting all opponents as either weak against the communist terrorists or a party to their actions. He eventually managed to crush all opposition with unrelenting fear mongering and propaganda and finally broke the power of labor with aggressive attacks on trade unions.

Once almost all dissenting voices were silenced, Hitler then claimed total power for himself. He chose to disregard the German constitutional requirement to elect a new president when Hindenburg died and instead declared himself Fuhrer — leader and chancellor. This move eliminated the last constitutional checks and balances on his power.

As Fuhrer, Hitler became commander-in-chief of the military. He positioned himself as the protector of Germany and the German people’s savior from communism, Judeo-Bolshevism, and other undesirable minorities. He then launched an unrelenting campaign of German exceptionalism and led a party that pr0moted racial bigotry through a campaign of hate that blamed minorities for the economic calamity of the German state.

Hitler’s reign would culminate in his leading Germany into a war of choice. He would attack a sovereign nation without provocation and attempt to expand German control over satellite nations. The war would lead to many atrocities, the loss of life of both Germans and their enemies, and after several years would eventually drain the country’s economy and end in complete collapse.

Adolf Hitler was also a bit of a nutcake.

I’ll leave it to you to decide what American president this sounds most like.

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