Apr 292010

What does an illegal immigrant look like?

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, who just signed SB 1070 into law last Friday–which allows law enforcement to stop and demand ID of anyone they have “reasonable suspicion” is illegal–has no idea. And yet, isn’t that the premise of this law? That you have to know what “illegal” looks like?

Diana Nguyen and Jen Wang are the creators of DISGRASIAN.com

So much hyperbole and so little substance. I’m a left-of-center moderate, who found it extremely hard to listen to the right-wing fear mongering over healthcare. Now I’m being forced to witness the same thing from the left on immigration.

Questioning the premise that the Arizona law can be implemented without racial profiling, this article states, “But unless Arizona law enforcement actually catches someone in the act of crossing the border illegally, there’s no way to really establish reasonable suspicion except by race or ethnicity.” Oh really? How about if an officer pulls over a car because it’s running at night with its lights off (something smugglers do with regularity), and upon looking in the car, the officer sees a dozen people crouched and trying to hide? Might that constitute “reasonable suspicion” without any racial profiling?

I had hoped the left was better than this. But I guess it’s just too much to ask that they pass on such excellent sounds bites as, “Breathing while brown” and “When brown means illegal.” Illegal immigration is a problem with serious negative effects. Maybe at some point we can get past the incendiary rhetoric and have a real discussion on the matter.

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