Mar 182010

“But that’s because MEG 2010: Building a New California isn’t really a policy document. It’s more like a text-based game of Three-card Monte. Keep your eye on the red queen.”

Chris Kelly, Writer for Bill Maher

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I’m a Californian, and this Meg Whitman thing is pretty darn scary. She has a bunch of money and is willing to spend whatever it takes to get elected. Of course, if she can eliminate capital gains tax, she’ll get an immediate return on her campaign investment.

Right now, Meg’s winning the battle for name recognition hands down, and that’s sadly how you get elcted. She’s playing on the same distorted mental models that the conservatives always uphold: government is inefficient and rips off the public by taking taxes and wasting money . . . so, the solution must be to cut taxes, right? It’s just so much talking point BS: America Needs Dialog, and unfortunately — it works!

When will a serious politician stand up and refute the fallacy of trickle-down? When will we as a people take an honest look at what conservative tax reforms have done to the division of wealth and power in America?

I’m sorry rich folk, but you have prospered on the backs of the poor and middle class for far too long. It’s time you pay your fair share! I’ve spent much of my adult life at the unenviable bottom of the top marginal tax rate, with insufficient funds to invest. I’ve also benefited from Prop-13 but fully understand what it’s done to State revenues. I’m willing to pay more to help fix the problems plaguing California and the Country, but I want those who have taken the most to give a little back.

This article provides some serious insight into who Meg Whitman really is. I hope my fellow Californians read, heed, and get their eyes opened before the axe falls in November:

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