Feb 092010

Most people would agree that 21st Century life is riddled with issues and complexities that demand attention and beg for resolution. Globalization, an aging populous, and too many years of business-as-usual are all fueling a fire that threatens to burn our Country to its core. With each passing year, the roll call of major national issues continues to grow. This model can’t be sustainable.

I for one would like to see some solutions put into place. I’d like to see a national conversation about what ails us. I’d like to see people of all stripes come to the table, lay out their concerns, roll up their sleeves, lock the door and not give up until there’s agreement.  But the sad truth is that as a nation, we’re long on attention and short on resolution.

Technology and contemporary media team to ensure the most topics of significance get some spotlight. A thinking person would actually have to expend considerable effort to avoid at least a passing knowledge of the issues. So, the awareness is there. The issues have our attention, yet the solutions somehow remain always out of reach.

Pick your topic: be it the economy, healthcare, energy, Global Warming, or gays in the military, anything of substance will do. Turn on your TV or search the Internet, and you’ll find no shortage of websites, news blasts and talking heads, all of whom “know the real truth,” fully understand the topic, and want you to believe that their way is “the way.” So, with all of this wisdom and expertise, shouldn’t something get resolved . . . every once in awhile?

You’ve got to ask yourself, if the issues are known, understood and routinely given play, why do effective solutions consistently evade us?

Are the issues just too complex? Could it be that those fine folk, who so earnestly try to convince us that they have all the answers, really don’t know? Maybe it’s that, there are just so many answers that we can’t choose . . . or perhaps it’s something entirely different.

I agree that the issues are growing increasingly complex, and I must acknowledge the myriad ways to slice, dice and analyze them all. I’ll even give a nod to those who know more than I about the intricacies involved. But what seems obvious to this observer is that, in the battle for resolution, our enemy is Vested Interest.

The national response to all major issues is metered out based upon how it affects the stakeholders.  This is by design.  It’s as it should be. The problem is that the stakes that are considered are only those of the people who control the engines of change.

This is not to say that those who wield power are corrupt. Unfortunately, looking out for one’s own best interest is among the most basic of human traits. From the dawn of time, people in power have done whatever was necessary to stay in power. It’s no different today. The result is now and always has been the same.

Things don’t change for one reason: people in power don’t want them to — PERIOD.

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