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To get to that stage, the next step in the sabotage has to be continued high unemployment with the added stink of unemployed Americans losing their benefits and health insurance (no COBRA subsidies). In the simplest terms, the economic ripple effect will radiate concentrically into a decline in consumer spending, increased foreclosures, a lag in the house market and so forth. And due to a lethal mixture of Republican cynicism, voter ignorance and traditional media hackery, the president will ultimately be blamed for the continued pain — paving the way for Wingnut Republican President X and mission accomplished.

Bob Cesca, Huffington Post

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Humans have a staggering capacity for denial and rationalization; otherwise it would not be possible for today’s Republican Party to exist. I’ve listened to their rationale as they posture in Congress, and now I read the echoes of those thoughts here, on Huffington Post, and I’m forced to come to the conclusion that there is no ethical argument for how a human being can support today’s Republican Party.

Bush and his criminal Republican cronies doubled the federal deficit and raped our country, and then paid billions to the perpetrators while sending 30 million American citizens to the unemployment line . . . and now those same Republican elitists have become budget conscious and fight to deny help for the very people whose lives they turned upside down.

Of course, the Republicans will vote to support military spending or subsidize Big Oil, but then they turn around and block stimulus for the economy and help for unemployed Americans. They contend that the deficit is such an issue that it cannot be ignored, but as always, their concern is selective.

The truth of the matter is that WW2 ended with the federal debt at 122% of the GDP. We’re presently at around 94%. We climbed out of debt after the war by raising taxes on the rich. Obviously, the rich don’t want that, so we debate stupid notions like — quit spending.

This is the new Republican prescription, even though cutting spending right now, in the middle of a recession with double-digit unemployment would be the worst possible medicine. We don’t need to cut; short term, we actually need to spend more. What ended the Great Depression was government spending. That spending did not climb to levels sufficient for a recovery until WW2 broke out, but once that happened jobs were created and the depression came to an end.

We can cut spending, and if we do, the economy will eventually recover, but average Americans need to ask themselves, “What will the recovered nation look like?” The answer is: with the rich even richer and the middle class closer to extinction.

This is all about Republican sabotage, and the worse things get, the better the Republican’s chance to regain power in November. The bottom line is that, if you’re part of the middle or lower class, they don’t give a flying fuck about your wellbeing. So, suck it up America — the wealthy will weather the storm without hardship, but they need your sacrifice to bring about a new normal — a new America without the nuisance of a middle class — a Republican America.

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