Mar 192010
The Senate's side of the Capitol Building in DC.
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“The fact is the federal government isn’t “broken” because of the filibuster rules. It’s broken because of its two Senators per State structure, regardless of population, that is built into the U.S. Constitution.” Mitch Rofsy, Huffington Post

Thank you Mitch!

This is absolutely a conversation that all Americans need to engage in. Our government is broken, and the Senate is a significant part of the problem. Of course, the disparity in real representation inherent in the equal suffrage to the states is only part of the problem. The dilution of the average American’s voice in the House is also a serious issue: Consent of the Governed.

With regard to the Senate, I personally think it’s seriously outlived its usefulness, but as you’ve stated, the capacity to eliminate it is virtually nonexistent. So, in that light, I’d very much like to see a conversation ignite around some of your suggestions. Changing state structures is certainly an uphill battle, one that would be fought by those in power amongst the states, but it’s not unfathomable. And your idea about adding a population factor to the filibuster rules — damn if that doesn’t make perfect sense . . . which unfortunately means that it’ll probably never happen.

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