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Even after Democratic leadership scaled back its bill to reauthorize several domestic aid programs, reducing its impact on the federal budget deficit by $50 billion, conservative rank-and-file Democrats remain unhappy.

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The Democrats need to reassess who the heck they are. We have to extend unemployment, but that’s really just another short sited solution, another stop-gap. Unless the Democrats engage in an honest debate over priorities and values, we’re doomed to endure an unending flow of half-steps, and in the end — business as usual.

We’re in a freaking recession and we have 30 million Americans out of work. It’s time for the federal government to invest in infrastructure and create JOBS! We’re just going to have to continue deficit spending for some period of time, and the Democrats need to face that. They do need to plan for the end of the deficit, but right now they need to support a bold initiative to commence the new New Deal.

The place to start is with a new energy policy. We need to stop tinkering around the edges and face the issue. We can’t produce enough oil; coal is freaking dirty, and clean coal is too expensive. We should be investing heavily in alternative energy R&D and moving to sustainable sources. In the meantime, nuclear and natural gas are our only options.

President Obama needs to stand up and LEAD. He should be driving us toward energy independence. We need a vision like JFK offered for landing on the moon. We can make it happen, but it will require Americans to join together as we have in the past. This is what real leadership is about.

The obvious truth that the Democrats are too afraid to address is that there are ample financial resources at our disposal, but in order to tap them, they will need to raise taxes on the fat cats who fund their campaigns. We are suffering in the wake of the massive concentration of wealth that’s occurred over the past 30-plus years and it needs to end.

It’s time to restore power to the middle class and remove any of the corporatist pigs who stand in the way. This entire dilemma is manufactured within the political spin machine. When We the People stop the petty debate between us and join together, we’ll topple this tower of corruption and bring a new prosperity to America.

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