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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell joined an array of Republican lawmakers who feel we should examine whether to rescind all or part of the 14th amendment to the Constitution to prevent some children born in the U.S. from being granted U.S. citizenship. The pro-life, pro-family Republicans are now pro-neonatal detention and deportation. It isn’t enough to drive out the people not born here, now they want to drive out the ones that were.

Actually, I agree with Senator McConnell. We absolutely should hold hearings as soon as possible to discuss whether we should amend the U.S. Constitution to make newborns deportable. We need a high-level national discussion in both Houses of Congress on the issue of whether to station federal ICE agents in every maternity ward and delivery room right between the OB-GYN and the expectant father.

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Great, so Rep. Gutierrez is already fear mongering up a storm with scenarios of Gestapo enforcers stomping around in maternity wards. I can’t help but wonder how liberals separate this type of fear based campaigning from the Sarah Palin death panels. Both contrive wildly extreme possibilities in order to discredit legitimate concerns, and neither attempts in any way to identify a solution.

I’m sorry, but I find it poetic that the one amendment to our Constitution that was enacted without rightful ratification and is also unconstitutional in its inclusion of ex post facto law, should now be the subject of such debate. The 14th Amendment obviously did the right thing in providing citizenship to blacks and guaranteeing due process and equal protection, but the way in which it was enacted was an abomination. And now, the Party that illegitimately enacted the amendment wants to review and possibly rescind it. Now that’s poetic!

Personally, I‘d like to see the amendment changed, but that certainly doesn’t mean that I would support any retroactive application. The truth seems evident that the enacting Congress didn’t address the potential for abuse from illegal immigrants having children in order to obtain citizenship. That’s the just the way it is.

People like me, who believe that the abuse warrants a change, have but one form of recourse — amend the Constitution. That’s the way we do it in the United States. To do otherwise is to subvert the very spirit of our democracy.

I for one would welcome a national conversation on this topic. I’d like to hear the reasoning of people who believe that a child born of parents in the United States illegally should be granted citizenship. Is there an ethical argument? Is it simply a position of practicality? I’m sorry, but to me it wreaks of defending the rights of litigation for the guy who climbs on somebody’s house to burglarize them and falls through their skylight and gets injured.

I know, I know — there’s a child involved. But what I don’t understand is why there’s not more outcry against parents who would use their child this way. Break the law and hide behind a child . . .  now that sounds unethical to me.

Whatever side people are on, wouldn’t it be great if we could all just state our piece and work together toward a solution? It would be quite remarkable, but we’ll never get there so long as every issue is met with all the fear-mongering hyperbole currently waged by conservatives and liberals alike. How about instead, we stop the posturing, listen to one another and open a dialog?

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May 212010

Mexican President Felipe Calderon spoke before a joint session of Congress Thursday and received resounding applause after condemning Arizona’s controversial immigration law.

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This is truly disturbing. Calderon is a foreign leader who presides over one of the most corrupt governments on the planet, a government with a truly abysmal human rights record, especially as it applies to illegal immigration. This man has the unmitigated gall to condemn the Arizona anti-illegal-immigration law, and the United States Congress gives him a standing ovation. Absolutely sickening!

I know there’s no hope for the far left, but I pray that moderate liberals will wake up from their blinded stupor and recognize that this isn’t a racial issue. Illegal immigration, like everything else in 21st Century America, is an economic issue. Not only does it place a heavy burden on already struggling state economies, but it also adds to the severe unemployment crisis and serves to further reduce the average pay for American workers. It is an integral part of the corporatist movement to eliminate the American middle class.

The corporatists have already managed to concentrate more wealth in the upper 1 percent than in the bottom 90 percent of Americans. They’ve driven CEO salaries from a reasonable 24-to-1 in 1965 to hundreds of times what their average employee is paid. They’ve driven real unemployment to over 17 percent and sent so many jobs overseas that the past decade netted ZERO job growth for our Country — that’s the same economy that produced no less than 20 percent job growth each decade going back to 1940. They’ve all but completely destroyed the unions, and they’ve elevated a bunch of professional gamblers (aka Wall Street bankers and hedge fund managers) who produce nothing to the pinnacle of American success. So skewed is this trend that the financial sector recently amassed fully 40 percent of overall corporate profits

Wake up America! Concentration of wealth at the very top plus an influx of people willing to work for low wages equals NO MORE MIDDLE CLASS! This is a squeeze play, one that’s already impacted millions of Americans and threatens to squeeze our children out of their future. The frog is in the kettle, and that frog is the American middle class.

Of course we should all be used to the corporatist desire to return to the days of the robber barons, but when it comes to the dilution of the American workforce and the loss in wages, they’ve recruited an army of unwitting accomplices. It is a sad stroke of irony, that in their haste to run to the aid of the disadvantaged, liberals across the nation have bought into the false racism indictment of anti-illegal-immigration, and are inadvertently helping America’s elite. The corporatists own the Congress, control the Obama administration from the inside, and now they have the left turning up the heat on their own demise.

You couldn’t write a more twisted plot.

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Apr 292010

What does an illegal immigrant look like?

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, who just signed SB 1070 into law last Friday–which allows law enforcement to stop and demand ID of anyone they have “reasonable suspicion” is illegal–has no idea. And yet, isn’t that the premise of this law? That you have to know what “illegal” looks like?

Diana Nguyen and Jen Wang are the creators of

So much hyperbole and so little substance. I’m a left-of-center moderate, who found it extremely hard to listen to the right-wing fear mongering over healthcare. Now I’m being forced to witness the same thing from the left on immigration.

Questioning the premise that the Arizona law can be implemented without racial profiling, this article states, “But unless Arizona law enforcement actually catches someone in the act of crossing the border illegally, there’s no way to really establish reasonable suspicion except by race or ethnicity.” Oh really? How about if an officer pulls over a car because it’s running at night with its lights off (something smugglers do with regularity), and upon looking in the car, the officer sees a dozen people crouched and trying to hide? Might that constitute “reasonable suspicion” without any racial profiling?

I had hoped the left was better than this. But I guess it’s just too much to ask that they pass on such excellent sounds bites as, “Breathing while brown” and “When brown means illegal.” Illegal immigration is a problem with serious negative effects. Maybe at some point we can get past the incendiary rhetoric and have a real discussion on the matter.

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