Mar 302010
The Healing of America
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In reference to the 13 states attorneys general who have filed suit against the recent healthcare bill:
“So this is how the attorneys general who have instituted suit, the Tea Party and the Republicans view aiding the public and protecting the Constitution.”
Judge H. Lee Sarokin

Is there any end to the impasse that is the political conversation in the United States? Liberals argue on principle that we need to provide medical coverage for all Americans. This is an ethical question that needs to be posed outside of the conversation of how we pay for it. I’m confident that set in such context, the vast majority will acknowledge the need. With that established, the natural procession would be to then discuss how best to make that happen. True conservatives would push for a fiscally responsible solution, and all sane people would again agree. But this isn’t the way such important issues are addressed in 21st Century America.

Instead, we have the Democratic Congress pushing through legislation that answers the ethical question without paying due diligence to the fiscal impact. If you actually read the CBO report, the very report touted to “reduce the deficit,” you’ll see the shaky ground on which that assertion rests. And the Republican response, instead of being founded in legitimate conservative principles, amounts to little more than a continuance of the empty rhetoric and heated talking points they’ve found so effective in whooping up support in the far-right extreme.

America is in a heap of trouble right now, with issues on many fronts. Healthcare is but one. With this much heat and broken government surrounding this issue, what will happen when we address financial reform, jobs, immigration, energy, and the environment? How about meaningful campaign reform, or the most avoided topic of all — taxes and how we’re going to pay for everything? We are in desperate need of real leadership, and we’re not currently getting any from our elected officials on either side of the aisle.

Wake up America!

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