Apr 162010
In an article appearing on Huffington Post, Mike Green asserts that amidst the panic and turmoil involving the banking collapse and subsequent bailout, one industry was thriving — lobbying. He then offers more transparent disclosure as a corrective action:

“I think it’s a good idea to make my representatives keep an accurate detailed list of all lobbyists who contact them.”
Mike Green, Huffington Post

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Disclosure of lobby contacts might effect some marginal improvement in government accountability to voters, but it’s not a solution. Far from it. It’s a bit like diagnosing the patient (American government) with a chronic, incurable condition, rendering the only legitimate prescription to be pain management. We don’t have to accept that diagnosis.

What we need to do is address the core issue, which is corruption of the system: business exists to make money, but government exists to secure the rights of the governed. Business serves its shareholders, and indirectly its customers. Government is supposed to serve The People. When business spends millions of dollars to buy influence in Washington, it’s doing exactly what it’s supposed to do. It’s playing by the rules, as currently defined, to maximize  profits for its investors. In contrast, when government creates rules that favor business over “the general Welfare,” it is not serving its purpose. When it does so in exchange for money or favors, it has become corrupted.

The fact of the matter is that the voice of The People has been silenced in Washington. Congress no longer serves The People but rather the money making interests of the business lobbies. Lobby control of government is the natural outcome of a system that allows private money to drive the election process. Remove private money from elections and you will restore power to The People.

American government is in desperate need of a “lobbyectomy.” The patient is operable, and the prognosis is complete restoration of the voice of The People. The problem is that the surgery is elective, and consent for the operation depends on Congress.

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