Who am I?


Happy in Hawaii

This site is really about all of us, but since you know who you are, I guess I’ll start by telling you a little about me.

Most people call me Dave, though I do have other handles, some of which I prefer, like Dad or Bro or Honey. Dave is appropriate though, since it is my given name. I am officially, David Bryan Paulson. Born in Oakland, California on January 1, 1954, I am a Baby Boomer, by generation, and a westerner by geography. I was raised as a catholic democrat, loyal to Ford Motor Company and the Oakland Raiders. I am happily married and the father of four wonderful children.

Professionally speaking, I am an ex-auto mechanic, ex-Marine (there’s really no such thing), former electronics technician, longtime union carpenter, onetime Windsmith, previous service manager, past manufacturing planner, project manager turned MIS manager, programmer, network engineer, onetime corporate CEO, general contractor (tile setter, plumber, electrician, and of course carpenter), turned system integrator, who decided to go into public education as a Chief Technology Officer, and is now a semi-retired consultant who likes to write.

So, enough about me?  Are you getting a feel for who I am?

You have a picture of what I look like, you have some of my demographics, and you know what I do . . . I could describe myself American style, as was so aptly defined in the musical Rent — by telling you what I own. I could divulge my income, education, affiliations, family history, even my tastes in music, movies or food, but the sum of all of this will do little more than scratch the surface of who I am.

If forced to sum up my true identity, I think I’d start with, “a nice guy who cares.” If allowed some texture and depth, I’d turn to Wayne Dyer and add that I think of myself as a “soul with a body, rather than a body with a soul.” Put in this light, it becomes obvious that values and beliefs form the core of who I am. Stripped of all the trappings, this is bedrock for us all.

I promise to share my bedrock through this blog, and I hope you’ll respond by sharing yours with me. Perhaps in the process we’ll all find out a bit more about who we are . . .